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+86 20 84757278
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      Founded in March 1998, Matsubayashi Optics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd is a foreign invested optical enterprise with a registered capital of 2.8 Million USD. It has a modern workshop of more than 10000 square meters with 750 staff members. Surrounded by greeneries and trees, the staff is provided with air-conditioned dust-free modern workshop, office and apartment. Matsubayashi is an excellent enterprise for working, studying and living.
      The philosophy of Matsubayashi is “International recruiting, rational employing, scientific education, stimulant retaining.” It provided staff with attractive welfare and space for development. So, Matsubayashi gathered talents from all over the country.
      Mastsubayashi Optics focuses its production and sales on prism, lens, mirror, assembly and other optical products. Its customers include well-known optical companies. Since foundation, Matsubayashi optics has been appraised by its customers for providing high quality products, after sales service and prompt delivery.

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